Episode 005 – Krishna VG | Biking enthusiast & Co-founder of a motorcycling club

FSMC in action

Krishna VG has been riding his bike for over a decade. As the co-founder of Free Spirits Motorcycling Club, a close-knit community of passionate bikers in Bangalore, he brings families – including kids and pets – together on riding experiences across India.

In this episode, listen to his journey from heading out on short day rides around the city’s outskirts to conquering the dramatic terrains of the Himalayas. Find him contributing to local social causes and riding on a highway near you!


Free Spirits Motorcycling Club
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Krishna VG

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Avinash Varghese
Gowtham Shetty

Harley Davidson
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Karnataka Nair Service Society
Kodava Samaja
Pavan Biddappa

Ram Balan
Royal Enfield
Vasudeva Acharya


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