Episode 017 – Sounds of Kandy ft. Kandy Lake Club Dance Ensemble

Kandy Lake Club Dance Ensemble in performance

Listen to the rhythmic sounds of the Dances of Sri Lanka from a cultural show at the Kandy Lake Club. In this episode, enjoy an hour-long audio performed by the Kandy Lake Club Dance Ensemble!


Kandy Lake Club
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Helga’s Folly
Royal Bar & Hotel
Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
The Empire Cafe
Udawattakele Forest Reserve


Programme sequence
Magul Bera – ceremonial drums
Puja Natuma
Devol natuma
Mayura Natuma – peacock dance
Pantheru Natuma
Raksha Natuma – devil dance
Lee Keli Natuma
Gini Sisila – fire dance
Ves Natuna
Kulu Natuna – harvest dance
The Drum Orchestra
Fire Walking


The musical pieces and vocals part of the Kandy Lake Club cultural show featured in this episode is performed by Kandy Lake Club Dance Ensemble

Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8
Music by Nordgroove from Fugue

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