Episode 033 – Sankara Subramanian | Travel blogger & Founder of Be On The Road

Sankara Subramanian is a travel blogger, influencer, and motorcycling enthusiast, who is the brain behind the renowned Indian blog called Be On The Road.

He covers various subjects from Visa requirements for Indians, travel tips, offbeat locations and his many travel experiences. 

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Listen to his journey from doing tech sales to now embarking on motorcycling holidays, exploring the world, and finding a home in India’s Western Ghats! He also frequents educational institutions and travel forums inspiring people to take failures in their stride. You might bump into him on a highway or at an airport near you.

Sankara Subramanian
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Also mentioned in this episode:
Alexander the Great
Bernoulli’s Principle
Cyrus the Great
Darius the Great
Duck Tales
Eiffel Tower
Genghis Khan
Gobekli Tepe
IIT Guwahati
IIT Jodhpur
Marco Polo
Mukesh Ambani
Narendra Modi
Northern Lights
Nubian Pyramids, Sudan
Rynox Gears
Royal Enfield
Shah Rukh Khan
Silverback Gorilla
Spice Routes
Tata Steel
The Great Migration
The Great Wall of China
The Invention of Lying
The Silk Road
Times of India
Times Passion Trails
Tana Toraja
Travel Tips
Vegetarian Travel Guide
Visa Guides
Western Ghats


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