Episode 042 – Nirmal Kulkarni | Founder of Herpactive & Chairman of Mhadei Research Center

Nirmal Kulkarni is a herpetologist, nature photographer, conservation scientist, ecologist, artist, and an author. He is also the founder of Herpactive, and serves as the Chairman of Mhadei Research Center.

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Whether you join him on extended walks through forests and interact with tribal communities, or admire his wildlife themed art, expect to gain an insight into the wonders of the Western Ghats, especially across the forests of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Listen to his journey from rescuing snakes in neighborhood homes as a kid and using art for wildlife campaigns in college, to now discovering new species and conserving reptiles and amphibians in India.

Herpactive is an initiative that is dedicated to on-site conservation, surveys, and workshops concerning herpetofauna.

Embark on guided treks and expeditions lasting up to a week, to explore rare and endemic species of reptiles and amphibians in the Western Ghats and Northeast of India.

Mhadei Research Center is a field base within the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary that offers volunteering opportunities with a comfortable space that includes a knowledge resource, research equipment, and ensuite accommodations.

Hypnale Research Station in Kuveshi nearby, is the first among a network of research stations that was set up with an aim to support and share information about ongoing projects.

Wildernest is an eco-conscious retreat nestled on a wooded ridge in the Chorla Ghats. Enjoy an intimate wilderness experience that includes nature trails and an infinity swimming pool that affords panoramic vistas of the lush Swapnagandha Valley.


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Castle Rock
Claude Alvares
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Father Jokiem
Flying Squirrel
Freston Marc Sirur
Goa State Wildlife Advisory Board
Goa University
Government of Arunachal Pradesh
Government of Goa
Government of Karnataka
Hump-nosed Pit Viper
Indian Army
Indian Institute of Science
Indian Snakes
Kali Tiger Reserve
Katraj Snake Park
King Cobra
Madras Crocodile Bank
Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
National Biodiversity Strategy Enaction Plan
National Geographic
Neil Chattopadhyay
Nilgiri thar
Northeast India
Project Tiger
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Romulus Whitaker
Slender Loris
South West Monsoon
St Britto
Steve Irvin
Talle Valley
The Goan Jungle Book
Ziro Valley


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