Episode 055: Lotus scarves & Burmese cheroots | Workshops on Inle Lake

Visit the myriad homegrown and family-run workshops set up in floating villages across Inle Lake. From boat building and silver jewellery to umbrellas, cheroots, and lotus silks, learn about Burmese arts and crafts while soaking in the picturesque surrounds of Inle Lake.

Burmese Cheroot

Enjoy a cheroot that is emblematic of Myanmar’s portrait postcards, and is also immortalised in Rudyard Kipling’s poem Mandalay.

Hand-rolled in various sizes, they contain tobacco and fragrant wood chips wrapped in dried thanat leaves. Expect a lingering taste and freshness in your mouth, thanks to various flavors including tamarind, banana, sugarcane, pineapple, vanilla, and rice wine among others.

Part of daily life in Myanmar, you can find cheroots in stacks at local markets and shops.

Lotus ‘silk’

Scarves and robes made out of lotus fibre have been used by head monks and in monasteries, for centuries. Lotus, a highly regarded flower and spiritually significant symbol in Buddhist culture, takes pride of place in Myanmar.

Inn Paw Khon village happens to one of the very few places in the world, where lotus grows in abundance,, so they produce its fibre, and create exquisite handwoven garments.

Employing a painstaking and labor intensive process, the floating factories, studios and boutiques of Inn Paw Khon have caught the attention of high fashion labels and designers.

Since I spent a couple of days at Inn Paw Khon, I visited Khit Sunn Yin, a Lotus, Silk & Cotton Hand Weaving Center, famous for its lotus ‘silk’ fibre fabrics.


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