Episode 077 – Tom Fabbri | Modern day adventurer, Author, Pilot, & Founder of Total Motion 360

Tom Fabbri is a modern day adventurer and life wrangler.  As an author and motivational speaker, Tom shares his personal journey, thereby encouraging people to live a better life. He’s also a graduate of the culinary arts.

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Listen to his story from growing up with negative influences and hitting rock bottom, to changing his life through aviation, climbing adventures, and inventing a fitness product.

Tom is on a quest to become the 15th American to complete the Explorers Grand Slam. This crazy adventure involves summiting the highest peak in each of the seven continents, and skiing to the North and South poles.

Expect to find Tom diving with sharks, skydiving with his son, and taking on new adventures.

He overcame his fear of heights by studying how to fly, and to enjoy a travelling lifestyle. A retired airline captain, Tom now holds a commercial pilot’s license for helicopters and corporate jets, and has flown celebrated individuals across the world.

Total Motion 360 is a wellness brand created by Tom. A natural bodybuilder, he won the title of Mr Natural Universe at age 52, and wishes to share his experiences of being fit and aging well. He has now invented a fitness equipment that you can incorporate into your daily routines.

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This Power Bar is a patented product, designed for conditioning your body through functional fitness.

Known as the TM360 Method, you can stay active using fluid exercises that involve yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi movements.

Evangelising a healthy lifestyle, Tom has authored two books – Ageless You: The Boomers Guide to Beginning Again, and Ageless You Adventure: Live an ExtraOrdinary Life.


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Timestamps for reference
05:43 Tom’s childhood and growing up
How did Tom get into aviation?
Learning how to fly and education
Religion talks
Travel as education
Travel for an open mind and beginning of climbing adventures
The bounty of nature
Staying healthy and fit
Culinary school
Adrenaline rush and respecting nature
Aconcagua reprise
Training and interest in climbing
Why Mount Denali is the best to train for the Himalayas?
Preparations to climb Mount Everest
Wim Hof Method
Tom’s books – Ageless You, & Ageless You Adventure
What is Fear?
Why Tom shares his story?
Interest in Space travel and Space flights
How does Tom unwind?
Tom’s experience with parenting
A bit about classic cars
Tom’s upcoming plans


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Brother Jack by JR Tundra
Divine Life Society
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Krishna’s Calliope
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Not For Nothing
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All photographs by Tom Fabbri, and TotalMotion 360, unless otherwise stated

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