Episode 091 – Abhishek Roychowdhury aka Cosmic Oneness | Founder of Psychedelic Adventure, & Cycle Delic Goa, and Co-creator of Psychedelic Society of India

Abhishek Roychowdhury is the founder of Psychedelic Adventure, & Cycle Delic Goa. Listen to his journey from growing up as an army kid, to now promoting responsible use of psychedelics as a Co-Creator of the Psychedelic Society of India.

His musical journey started with a stint as a guitar lead part of a band that he was part of establishing. However, he gradually found his interest in the psychedelic genre of music. Under the alias of Cosmic Oneness, Abhishek has been playing at private parties and nightlife venues, and co-hosting gatherings for spiritual and celestial occasions, since 2005. 
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Abhishek has taken to cycling recently and formed Cycle Delic Goa, a cycling community based out of North Goa.

Psychedelic Society of India is a community of like-minded enthusiasts of psychedelics, which serves as a resource for learning about psychedelics and consciousness. It’s also a platform that connects plant medicines to their seekers.
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Timestamps for reference
02:22 Relationship with alcohol and tobacco
08:15 Addictions
14:45 COVID-19 and the pandemic situation
28:37 Power in the world, and dark entities
35:01 Abhishek’s initial LSD experience
45:06 My fear of ‘ghosts’
52:28 Do we have a purpose? Everyone and everything is sacred, and understanding a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle
59:45 Laws
01:05:06 Creators and creations; preparing humanity for extraterrestrial encounters and catastrophe
01:13:23 Nikhil’s hallucinations
01:19:03 Seeking psychedelic experiences
01:20:15 What is the Psychedelic Society of India?
01:32:25 Psychedelics and enlightenment
01:37:42 Psychedelics and our capitalistic society
01:43:14 Mark of the beast and AI
01:48:09 Psychedelics as medicine
01:52:53 PSI and its work
01:57:40 Abhishek’s learnings from psychedelics
02:04:37 Ayahuasca
02:12:12 Parallels between psychedelic ceremonies and religious ceremonies
02:14:06 Where is Abhishek currently, on his psychedelic journey?
02:16:25 Abhishek’s musical journey – BPMs, dance, and psychedelic trance music
02:27:33 Cycle Delic Goa and Abhishek’s interest in cycling
02:28:53 Mushrooms!
02:31:52 Growing up as an army kid
02:39:07 Are you also a marketplace, and do you host community events/ceremonies?
02:43:23 Future projects

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Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8
Music by Nordgroove from Fugue

Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library
Angel Guides
by Jesse Gallagher
Asleep With The Sun
 by Unicorn Heads
The Stoic and the Sailor by Unicorn Heads

All photographs by Abhishek Roychowdhury, Cycle Delic Goa, Psychedelic Adventure, and Psychedelic Society of India, unless otherwise stated.

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